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Above & Beyond Ministries

"A New Vision In A New Time... Above & Beyond the Natural Order of Things"

Min. Kanisha M. Brunson

A servant is described as someone who performs duties for others and a person devoted and committed to following. When it comes to Christianity and the character of God, Minister Brunson is one who strives to represent and implement the destiny God has called her pursue in this call to duty. God has called her name, gave her a vision, equipped her for the journey, and sent her 'forth as a sheep in the midst of wolves:' being 'therefore wise as a serpent and harmless as doves.' (Matthew 10:16) . Minister Brunson is the Associate Pastor and Mt Zion Baptist Church in Greenwood County, SC . Even though her church was in Greenwood SC, she relocated to Spartanburg SC a few years later where she was given the call and anointing to preach, teach, and deliver the prophetic word of God and was given that call to duty which began on August 6, 2006 and licensed on October 14, 2017. God commissioned her to start Above and Beyond Ministries shortly thereafter.

 "Let me start by saying that God has been so good to me and and continuously blesses me and equips me to equip others through the knowledge and biblical understanding of His will and His way. it's not only an honor to receive the call but it's an extraordinary call to duty when He called my name in August 2006. I was born in Jacksonville, NC on June 23, 1979. I grew up partly in Mullins, SC where my was ordained and became the assistant pastor of Effingham Baptist Church. At the age of 8, I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior. "

I am a true believer in Christ and i truly believe that you get what you work for. Meaning if you don't sow a seed, how can you be the first to arrive during harvest picking time? We all have fallen short of God's commands in our life but without these short cummings, backsliding, and mistakes there is a lesson to be learned, which is why I stand before you today as a vessel, servant of God, and leader of Above & Beyond Ministries.