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Wisdom For Godly Living


Prayer Is the One Thing Prominent In a Consecrated Life

There is no phase of our lives as a Christian, which prayer does not affect, as it is related to human salvation. Prayer and consecration are not the same but go hand in hand because you can’t be consecrated without prayer, which governs consecration. ​Popular consecration is sadly at fault because it has little or no prayer in it.​ However, we must remember that no consecration is worth a thought which is not the direct fruit of much praying, and which fails to bring one into a 

deeper life of prayer. Consecration is much more than a life of so-called service and sporadic praying. It is a life of personal holiness, which brings ​spiritual power​ ​into the heart and invigorates the entire inner man to a life given up to true prayer and dedication. A life of consecration and prayer is the highest type of a Christian life and one key thing that a believer should set out to accomplish. It is the one ​Divine​ standard​ ​ of experience of living and of service to God. You want to know what it takes to please God; this is the way to His Kingdom. We should never be ​contented or satisfied ​till we are fully, without hesitation, the Lord's, by our own consent. How do we come to this level and where do we start? We must start with prayer and understanding what it means and takes to be consecrated to elevate to full consecration.


Consecration means to dedicate to or set apart for a higher purpose; it also means to dedicate to a deity by a vow. This vow we must take requires us to dedicate ourselves to God, and a dedication made without any reluctance. It is the setting apart of all we are, all we have, and all we expect to ​have or be, to God so that He can use us and direct us to live and teach according to His holy will​. ​At any cost we have to be devoted to obtaining heavenly knowledge and separate ourselves from worldly things that can interfere with our devotion and commitment to live holy. We live in sin every day and there is sin circling all around us, but we as Christians are called to be different… SET APART. So there must be separation of worldly, secular, and even legitimate things that come in conflict with the holy will of God. We have to separate those things that are questionable when the choice is to interfere with eternal life the things of this life. ​Consecration has a ​sacred ​because it is devoted to a holy end. ​ It is the voluntary putting of one's self in God's hands to be used sacredly and holily, with a vision of a sanctifying end. We should be lead to devotion of all we have to God for His own specific use, separating ourselves from the things of this life to concentrate on heavenly things and the journey to get there through consecration.

Our consecration cannot be partial and He will not accept anything less than full devoutness. If there is any uncertainty we need to fall down and pray for guidance because it gets harder living in the earthly realm trying to stay holy and focus on heavenly things. However, Jesus did it and through Him it can and must be done if we want to make Heaven our home. We must walk in the light and follow the Holy Spirit, there is no other way. Think about the sacrifices made in the Old Covenant, they couldn’t sacrifice part of an animal; they had to sacrifice the entire animal or nothing at all. So we would be insulting God by making a half-hearted, partial attempt for consecration to try and enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The Bible says in ​Revelation 3:16​-​18”​ So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth”,​ ​which, simply stated, means this is unacceptable. It involves our whole being, all we have and all that we are. Everything is purposely placed in God's hands for His supreme use… no discussion, no exception!

Many make the mistake in thinking that consecration is all there is in holiness. However, while consecration makes us relatively holy, we are holy only in the sense that we are now closely related to God, because consecration is the ​human ​​side​ of holiness. We are of the flesh, and the natural born deadly flaw of the flesh is being born of sin ​(​Romans 7:25) ​and​ into a sinful world. However, God made a way for us to live holy even though we all have sinned, (​ Romans 3:23) by way of Jesus, in whom grace abounds.​ God delivered the only way to obtain consecration ie holiness and sanctification despite sinful situations through redemption. Sanctification / Holiness in its truest and highest sense, is Divinity, the act of the Holy Spirit working in the heart for purification and putting therein in a higher degree, the fruits of the Spirit. In Leviticus 20:7-8​ ​ Moses shows the human and the Divine side of sanctification and holiness: "Sanctify yourselves, therefore, and be ye holy, for I am the Lord your God. And ye shall keep my statutes and do them; I am the Lord which sanctify you."


- Minister. K. Brunson